Holiday Hockey Camp

Summer 2019



Time Activity

6:30am Drop off

7:00am On ice

8:00am Change for off-ice

8:15am Snack

8:30am Hockey Class

9:00am Off ice

9:30am Dress for on-ice

9:45am On ice

10:45am Change for off-ice

11:00am Team building

12:00pm Pick up

Hockey Camp 2019 Breakdown.jpg


  • Hockey Skating: Essential Skills: Good fundamentals are the key to skating well. This session covers the fundamental skills surrounding skating; i.e. forward and backwards stride work, crossovers and transitioning. Attention to detail and correct form to build good habits.

  • Hockey Skating: With Puck: Carrying the puck while skating is the focus of this session. Puck control while skating forwards, backwards and transitioning to create time and space all while having your head up is difficult and essential for any young player to learn.

  • Hockey Skating: Game Situations: This session will take all the skills learned in the first two Hockey Skating sessions and apply those skills to game relevant situations. Players will understand when and why they apply certain skating techniques during game situations and why those techniques will help them.

  • Puck Skills: Passing and Shooting:  This session will focus on puck skills when pass and shooting. How to receive and make passes while standing still and on the move. Various shooting techniques and positions will be practiced. All drills will be related to game situations and simulate games in the second on-ice sessions for the camp.

  • Offensive Hockey Skills: This session will focus on all offense. It is intended to build shooting skills but also awareness of play and hockey IQ when in the offensive zone. This session will be following hockey classroom time devoted to hockey on the offensive.

  • Defensive Hockey Skills: This session is all about defense. Specifically transitioning from defensive to offense, transitioning from offense to defense, puck protection and defensive positioning.

  • Hockey School: Puck Skills: Video session highlighting puck skills used by elite players. Breaking down the techniques in an understandable way for junior players to apply to their own game. Will be followed by puck skills on ice session.

  • Hockey School: Offensive Mindset: Video session of offensive skills used by elite hockey players. Will include individual skills like passing and shooting but also game theory like zone entries and puck cycling. Followed by on-ice offensive hockey session.

  • Hockey School: Defensive Mindset: Video session highlighting defensive techniques used by elite hockey players. We will break down body positioning, gap control and other essential defensive techniques that junior players can apply in their own games. Will be followed by on-ice session focused on defensive hockey skills.

  • Off-ice conditioning: Focus on teaching players basic off-ice exercises to strengthen their hockey muscles. This will focus on teaching about the core muscle groups used when skating and the proper form and technique. This time will also include information regarding stretching, warming up and cooling down to teach junior players proper preparation for any hockey game or practice.

  • Team Building Exercise: Hockey is a team sport and playing as a team is one of the many skills young players must master in order to be successful. These exercises are intended to teach players how to work as a team, communicate and listen to teammates when trying to achieve a common goal.

  • Coaching philosophy: The coaching staff believes that attention to detail is the key to success when practicing hockey. If a player is doing something in correctly we will stop them and take the time to help the player correct the mistake. By breaking down each skill and not allowing players to form bad habits they are going to properly develop over the life of their hockey career. Often hockey games are decided by little plays and little details and those can never be overlooked when practicing. We expect a lot from our players but in return will give as much knowledge and attention to them to help them achieve their personal hockey goals whether it is Premier A, AIHL or National Team.