Hockey School

Learn to play ice hockey or improve your game with our ice hockey courses for juniors and adults. We have courses for skaters and goalies, suiting all levels of ability.

class of junior ice hockey students receiving coaching instructions
Two junior ice hockey players kneeling

iceHQ Hockey School

All classes are run in station format with players split into groups with players of similar skill levels. Each station focuses on a different skill applicable to a hockey game. After warming up, players rotate through the station. This maximizes the use of the ice and allows for coaches to give better feedback to players while keeping everyone moving and practicing. Hockey skates, stick and protective gear is available if required. Open to all ages.

Recommended for skaters with the fundamentals of basic skating.

Junior and Senior Development: For players new to the game and players with 1 term of introduction hockey class experience. The focus of the class is to teach about the game and build and develop the fundamental skills of hockey. Players in the under 9 skill development Junior Summer League should sign up for this class.

Junior Summer League: Appropriate training for junior players participating in the Junior A and B summer league and junior players with previous playing experience.

Senior Intermediate and Senior Advanced: The class will focus on the development of hockey skills for players with a solid foundation on skating and puck handling skills.

AGES: Junior & Senior (15+) classes

  • Wednesday 6:15-7:15pm Senior Development and Junior Development

  • Wednesday 7:30-8:45pm Junior Summer League Players

  • Wednesday 9:00-10:15pm Senior Intermediate and Senior Advanced

11 weeks. Term 4 begins 9th Oct 2019 - 18th Dec 2019
PRICE: $242 Full Term, $28 for single session

PLEASE NOTE: Hockey School Drop In Enrollment Cut Off is 4pm on Wednesdays to allow time for coaching staff to organise the session.

Hockey School Term 4 - Full Term
220.00 242.00
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Hockey School Term 4 - Drop In
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Ice Hockey Skating Skills Program

Skating fundamentals are crucial for a successful hockey player. Ice Hockey Skating Skills class focuses on skills and technique, which will help the players to be more effective and efficient on the ice. During the class the players will strengthen their edges, balance, posture, body control and forward & backward skating. This class also incorporates stops & starts, mobility, agility and transitioning – drills. An ice hockey game is not the place or time for working on improving skating skills which is why players will really find this class beneficial.

AGES: Junior & Senior (15+) classes
WHEN: 8:45am-9:45am on Saturdays
There will be two 5 week semesters in Term 4.

  • Semester 1 Sat 12th Oct – Sat 9th Nov (includes a class on the Melb Cup weekend)

  • Semester 2 Sat 16th Nov – Sat 14th Dec.

PRICE: $110 Full Term, $28 for single session

Hockey School Term 4 - Skate Skills Full Term
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Hockey School Term 4 - Skate Skills Drop In
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Is gear provided?

Yes, ice hockey skates, protective gear and sticks are provided for our ice hockey courses.
Goalie School requires you to have your own equipment.


It's midway through the course program - can I still join?

Yes! You can join for the remainder of the classes or on a drop-in basis. Just nominate the date/session in the enrolment form. Drop in classes are $28.


I’ve only just started ice skating. Can I join the intro classes?

We recommend that you are proficient at skating before joining. This means being comfortable with forwards and backwards crossovers, pivoting, skating backwards and stopping. If you don’t feel you’re at this level yet, our learn to skate course is a great place to start.

Are the courses for boys and girls?

Yes, all of our ice hockey courses are mixed training classes. All of our groups are friendly and training drills are non-contact.